Wednesday, December 5, 2012

DPP 2012 // 12.5.12 // Essential

I have used essential oils for years to bring down fevers, settle tummies, get rid of headaches and calm nerves.  But just recently began using EOs with a diffuser.  I have lots more love for essential oils now that I have this diffuser and can't wait to dive into studying about more of the benefits of essential oils. 


  1. Where did you get your diffuser? I'm big on EOs too!

  2. Working in partnership with Be Young, Dr. Jerry Tennant has a line of special EER program oils and weight loss whole food meal replacement drinks that are incredible. Be Young also has an exciting healthy living skin care line. And then there are the awesome powerful Brazilian Amazon plant oils that Dr. Young is working with Dr. Guilherme Oberlaender, MD to introduce to the world.diffuser

  3. Oh yeah, it's very exciting - to learn new combinations of essential oils.
    here my experience


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