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Our Life On Wheels :: June 2012 :: A Day In The Life Of...

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A Day In The Life Of .... Eight on the Road

We are a fulltime traveling family of eight (soon to be nine), we've been traveling for almost 3 years.  I get a lot of questions, pointing toward the fact that we are on an extended vacation or our live is always perfect.  I will say that we love our life and choose to live it this way, it is has ups and downs, twists and turns and many bumps and bruises.  Albeit it is absolutely wonderful to not have our evenings and weekends taken up by yardwork, housework and garage cleaning out.   Living this smaller, simpler life affords us to not have Daddy working full-time, year round (he does work and A LOT, just not near as much as he use to), which means we have much more family time and honestly that is our FAVORITE part about this life.  
Here is a sneak peak into our life...24 hours, 8 people, living in 350 sq ft --- always an adventure.

6:00pm :: Dinner prep.  Mommy is making grilled onion and cheese quesadillas, Daddy is inside making a green salad and children are playing outside, some are setting up for our campfire.  Children pitch in to set the table, serve food and drink and then its time to EAT!

7:05pm :: We are finished with dinner and we're onto cleaning up.  Children clear their own plates and everything else from the table, Daddy starts dishes and Mommy puts Lyric to bed.  Tonight will be a bit different, we're having a campfire (happens a few times a month) so bedtime won't be quite as early as usual.  

7:20pm :: Children play indoors(and make sure their room and beds are CLEAN) while we wait for it to get cooler and the sun to go down, currently its 88 and SUNNY.

7:51pm :: Baby Lyric is asleep and mommy has finished dishes.  Now Mommy heads outside to see how the campfire is coming along.

8:35pm :: Campfire is roaring, sun is setting.  We decide to do our evening read-a-loud around the campfire..we are reading Farmer Boy.  Everyone is anxiously awaiting s'mores (which happen even less than campfires).  Mommy sets her timer (we use timers a lot) for 5 minutes, then its s'more time!  Tonight was a successful campfire, nobody was burned by flaming sticks or marshmallows :)  We have FOUR boys who love to play with the fire, please tell me my children aren't the only ones!

9:15pm :: Pjs, teeth brushing, prayers and bedtime.  Yes, we still brush all of our children's teeth and yes, they really line up.  Most of them brush their own in the morning and either mommy or daddy do it at night.

 9:30pm :: Children are asleep.  Mommy and  Daddy enjoy the quiet.

7:15am :: Our birthday boy, Jericho, greets us with a loud "Happy Birthday".  Big Boys (Aidan, almost 10 and Coda, 8) share jobs of putting away dishes and taking out trash (from the kitchen and bathroom).  They are also in charge of teaching another sibling a few times a week.  Everyone makes their own beds, some better than others ;)

8:30am :: I always have a few "helpers" in the kitchen.  Special birthday breakfast is made, homemade waffles and fruit.  Dishes again :)

 9:49am :: This is one of those times that we need two bathrooms.  3 of us need showers, 4 of us need to use the bathroom and all 8 of us need to brush our teeth. 
10:30am :: Just finished bathing Téadora and doing her hair.  Got Jericho and Lyric dressed.  Aidan, Coda and Dillon are ready for the day.  Children are doing their own thing inside.  Daddy is cutting up watermelon for Jericho's birthday BBQ later today and I am heading for the shower.

 10:45am Ok, just kidding, I decided I better wrap Jericho's presents, so I'm stowed away in my room wrapping.  Jericho opened his presents.  All six children are busy playing and helping with the new toys.  I am FINALLY headed  for the shower.

 11:45am ::  Can't have lunchtime without a green smoothie.  Today's smoothie is orange, peach, pineapple, strawberry, mango and LOTS of spinach.  Perfect lunch.

12:15-3pm :: We have become fast friends (tends to happen in the traveling world) with another family at the RV park, they are joining us today.  We spent the afternoon exploring a nearby family fun park.

3:30pm :: Back at the RV park the children are excited about the birthday BBQ and cake, so we gather everything we need and head down to the pavilion.  April was undecided as to what to get Jericho for a birthday gift.  She has a true gift in the art of cake making and surprised Jericho with the BEST Thomas the Train cake I have ever seen.  I love homeschooling/rving children...besides Lyric, Jericho is the next youngest out of the 10 children (in our family and theirs), all of the children spent the day doting on Jericho, never annoyed with him, but continually doing what they could to make sure his birthday was all about him!

6:00pm :: We're home now, unloading, cleaning up and recentering.  Its been a busy day.  The children aren't done yet, they are set on going to the country band concert at 7pm.  I'm not so sure I'm up for that, but the laundry room is right next to where the band is playing (and laundry needs to be done), so I guess we'll go.

7-8pm :: Children are running around, line dancing, playing in water spigots and climbing trees.  Four loads of laundry are washing.  I sit down with my glass of ice water (mostly ice), listen to the band and watch Daddy and Téadora dance.

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  1. That was fun to read.... I can relate to almost all of your day. :) I love the kids big bedroom. We have to put 2 on the couch because of the way our quad bunks are set up. Oh, we have 2 of the same comforter covers... love ikea!

    I might join up sometime, we're home right now so I feel odd joining in, but we're headed out for some smaller trips this summer.

    love that baby belly too! :)

    1. You are welcome to join in! Our previous trailer had no slides in the kids room...we are loving the space!

  2. Hi : )
    Thank you for sharing your life with us. We really enjoyed reading about your day!

  3. Steph, thanks for giving us a peek into your lives....your family is beautiful and you all look so happy! Can't wait to read the next one!

  4. It was fun to see your day and all of you again. Your new home looks great too! (Yes, my boys are fire crazy!) :)

  5. Wow! That sounds like an amazing 24 hours! Thanks so much for this blog series! My husband and I are in the beginning stages of planning a life on the road and these stories just give us more motivation!

  6. Wow, guess every full-time RVer's day is indeed quite different! Thanks for sharing.

    Here's the link to our Not So Typical Day In The Life of this full-time RVing Couple! :-)

    -Jim & Rene @LiveWorkDream

  7. :-/ Just noticed the Click to Enter link above and submitted our link...

  8. I'm finally getting a chance to read all of the posts. What a fun birthday! And yes, my son loves fire too. Thank you for putting this together!

  9. I love seeing pictures of the kids' beds. We have 6 kids (and one on the way) as well and our TT is so cramped. Our twins all sleep two to a bed and there's no adult bed, so it's the pull-out couch for me. We aren't full-timing at the moment, but I still love reading about others who are on the road.

  10. Thanks for sharing your day. I am considering full time RV living with my kids and was very inspired by the images of your previous RV (though now terrified after reading some message boards ...). Again, thanks from a new reader.

  11. I loved reading this! We just found your blog. Our family of 6 is in a TT, and it's been a challenge but we are so happy!!! Beautiful pictures for a beautiful family!


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