Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Introducing...Our New Home on Wheels

After spending four months in California, visiting friends and family, exploring old favorites and new finds and working, it was time for us to move on.

And we moved on fast. We moved out of our first and beloved home on wheels, packed our belongings into a Uhaul trailer and trekked (quickly) across the United States to Ohio.

We stopped briefly in St. Louis to deal with our storage unit, say hi to friends and play a little at the St. Louis Science Center.

We made it to Ohio and dropped our Uhaul trailer at a KOA.  After a day of a walkthrough, fan adding, paper signing and hooking up, we were on our way back to the KOA with our new home behind us.  It took us some hours but we unpacked and moved in.  We are all overjoyed with the newness and space our new home has given to us.

Here is a sneak peak...and yes! we've already started decorating and wall will be painted (I just have to decide on colors).


  1. Stephanie,
    I LOVE it! :) How fun. I can't wait to see all the pictures after you've made it over.
    We miss you all. I was just thinking of you the other day.
    Love you, my friend.

  2. Nice! I've been following your blog for a little while now and enjoy reading about your family's adventure! My hubs and I are young empty nesters heading out on the road later this week! I hope to cross paths with you and your family!

  3. Congratulations on the purchase of your new home, the adventures of the traveling Lende family continues. Love, Grandma Cross


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