Friday, February 4, 2011

Sledding at Art Hill

A few weeks ago it snowed quite a bit and we decided we wanted to go sledding.  Not knowing where the best place to sled around St. Louis was, I turned to my trusty friend GOOGLE.  "best sledding St. Louis"...Art Hill in Forest Park seemed like a good pick.  So bright and early Saturday morning we headed out to Art Hill. 

There was a lake at the bottom, but don't fret, they (whoever they are) puts bales of hay at the bottom so nobody ventures into the almost frozen lake.

Midway through our sledding adventures we stopped for a hot cocoa break --- it was in the twenties, so so warming up was much needed.

And after many "one last time's" we finally called it a day and headed to try out a new Thai restaurant - Basil Spice Thai. 

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