Monday, October 11, 2010

First Month in St. Louis --- Highlights

June/July 2010

  • E was in St. Louis for a short bit, I honestly don't remember much of her being there.  I was too busy being in a ridiculous amount of pain from breaking my foot.   

  • Nick, E & the children went to Tower Grove Park (while I laid in bed)
  • Spent a HOT day at the FREE St. Louis Zoo, which oddly enough we became members of, so we could have free train rides, sea lion shows, carousel rides, entrance into the children's zoo and free parking.  I rode around in a electric scooter, not quite as much fun as it looks.

  • Visited the Magic House - St. Louis Children's Museum for FREE -- we are members of a children's museum in California and in turn we get free admission to children's museums all over the country.
  • Ate yummy ice cream and floats at the Fountain on Locust -- super cheap due to an awesome Groupon. 
  • Each Sunday we attended Invigorate Church in Columbia, IL.  Awesome Word, Awesome Family, Awesome Aussie Accents :) We also served with them at an outreach carnival in East Alton, IL.

  • On a lovely Saturday morning I fell in love with Tower Grove Park, the wading pool, the Farmer's Market, the trees, grass and the wonderful company.  If we ever live "in the city" I'd LOVE to live near Tower Grove Park!

  • Enjoyed a sweltering hot, humid morning at the Soulard Park checking out the Lego Games Tour.  Then heading over to the Soulard Market, which was the first market west of the Mississippi.   This was also my first (albeit short) outing without crutches.

  • Spent an afternoon with the Dodd Family.  Holly reads the blog and contacted me.  Her, her husband and five (now six) children came over for an afternoon of swimming, playing and dinner.  What a blessed time!

  • Celebrated Aidan's 8th Birthday!  Complete with a favorite breakfast, presents, morning at Church, afternoon BBQ with the Lenz family and ending the day with sundaes at Dairy Queen.  I totally forgot candles, so we improvised and used a red spoon as a "candle".  
More photos from our time in St. Louis here.  


    1. Wow...can't believe you have an EIGHT year old!!!! :)

    2. have you been to the city museum yet? if not, i highly recommend it! best place for kids and adults in all of the st. louis metropolitan area. <3

    3. @joyfilled :) I know, right...its insane. And can you believe the girls will be 5??!!!

      @tansy, we did hit the city museum, can't wait to go again when we are back in stl...I feel like I could spend a week there!

    4. Wow! Sara Janssen shared your blog with me...So are you now livin' in St.Louis? I live outside of St. Louis...about 60 miles. What church are you all attending???


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