Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Scavenger Hunt

On Tuesday's Nick sleeps ALL.DAY.LONG and rightfully so, by the time he goes to bed on Monday mornings, he has been awake for 26+ hours.  Tuesday is my new Monday --- not my most favorite day of the week.  Add that to the fact that our Monday afternoon/evening was insane chaos, kids bouncing off walls, doing karate in the RV, I knew I had to do something special this Tuesday.  On Monday night I posted to Facebook & Twitter for ideas.  I got lots of great ideas, including blowing something up and making Ziploc bag ice cream.  But my favorite was the idea of doing a Polaroid scavenger hunt.  Well I don't have a Polaroid, but I do have a DROID with a decent camera.  So I made up a list (after getting some ideas online), fed the kids an early lunch and off we went. We headed to one of our favorite places in Prescott, AZ, the Downtown Square. 

#1 Something that makes noise. #2 Something yellow. #3 A piece of litter.
#4 Something prickly. #5 Something smooth. #6 A place to build a nest.
#7 A sign. #8 An animal track. #9 Something blue.
#10 A pretty flower #11 Something scary & for fun Mama& Jericho the Scavenger Hunt

Dillon fell asleep on the way, so he was not the happiest of campers (as you can see).  He did tie with Coda finding #5 Something smooth.

After the Scavenger Hunt the kids played forever (though not as long as they would have liked) on the grass behind the courthouse.  Jericho nursed and then pushed his own stroller around the grass, Aidan, Coda, Téadora & Dillon played hide and go seek tag and I sat against a tree watching all five of my children play, how glorious.  

We finished up the afternoon with a trip to the library.  The kids explored, we read a few books and I chased after Jericho as he threw books from the shelves faster than I could put them back.  There was an "older kid: arts & crafts time of making sock puppets.  The librarian was nice enough to let Aidan & Coda make extra puppets for Téadora & Dillon and even nicer was that she took a photo and emailed it to me.  (Thanks Amadee)

Photos from Prescott, AZ here

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