Friday, July 2, 2010

Through Another's Eyes

While in Phoenix, AZ we met another full-time RVing family; Alison, Daniel and their precious son Moss.  They travel in their awesome Airstream and Daniel works as a traveling physical therapist.  Alison is working on her Masters in Photojournalism project and is "exploring the life of full-time RV families, and documenting what it's like to live in such a small space with a family".

After a few conversations while on afternoon and evening walks through the park, she asked if she could photograph our family for her project.  We agreed.  I will tell you, its super hard for me to act "normal" when someone is photographing your every move.  But, the more she came over, the more use to it I got.

I really wasn't sure what she had captured or if she captured anything at all.  I mean she was just photographing us doing "regular" stuff...dinner, dishes, nursing a babe, reading and playing.  Then I saw the photos, just a few of the many and I was stunned, I was in awe --- our "regular" stuff is so beautiful and I feel so blessed that we were the subject of her lens for a few days.  I will cherish these photos forever.

All photos taken by Alison Hodgson
She has uploaded some of the photos on two blog posts; here and here.  

 Téadora, Stephanie & Alison (and Hodgsons Awesome Airstream)


  1. I am fascinated by the beautiful renovations to your travel trailer. I'm just getting ready to take my first cross-country RV trip with my six children and this is so exciting!

    How did you paint the inside of the TT? Did you have to strip the wall paper first? How do you mount shelves and such? Can you drill screws into the walls?

  2. Love you blog, your family is beautiful! I'm sorry about your foot. :( Healing vibes to you. xoxo

  3. @heather -- we just painted it like you would paint house walls. The only prep we did was remove the wallpaper border and wash the walls with mild soap & water where they were really dirty (kitchen and near table). Then we painted. I will have to say the paint took a bit longer to dry completely, but other than that it was easy peasy!


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