Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Peach Pickin'

May 30, 2010
On our last Sunday in Arizona we decided to head out to Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek.  Schnepf Farms has U-Pick peaches, apricots, plums, apples, flowers and more.  We had first heard about Schnepf Farms from friendly guy at Urban Cookies.  Each month Urban Cookies has a cupcake with locally grown ingredients, May was a Peach Cupcake (which was to die for!), the peaches for the cupcake came from Schnepf Farms. 

We left from Phoenix in the early morning, hoping to beat the heat and the crowds.  The farm was giving 5lbs of peaches FREE for Twitter followers, so we thought they would be busy.  Well we didn't beat the heat, I think it was 100 by the time we got there.  And there were already a ton of people there, but plenty of peaches and apricots for everyone.

We picked peaches, 17lbs to be exact.  

 Then we decided to pick some apricots.  

There were other things in season, flowers and some veggies...but we decided 27lbs of fruit was enough for us.  Our adventure to the farm was well worth the hours long drive each way.  Its days like these that I am so happy that we stay in one area for more than a few days or a week, we are able to explore so much deeper and find things that are not on the "tourist" list of things to do.  I am happy to report that all 27lbs of peaches and apricots (minus a few peaches that looked yucky) were consumed by our family of seven within the four days following.  Pretty impressive, I'd say.

Photos from Phoenix, AZ here.

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