Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Confession Time

I posted this status update on Facebook the other night:
I have something to confess...for the last three weeks we have been using paper plates/bowls for all meals. Something about standing balancing on one foot in pain while doing dishes by hand 3+ times a day just about put me over the edge. Don't judge me. I decided my sanity was worth a pack of bowls & plates from Costco.

I'll admit...
Things have been a bit rough around here.
I don't do pain well, I am irritable and anxious and emotional.
I can't cook or clean or do much of anything.
There is one 3 year old, who shall remain nameless that knows I can't chase him off the counter or out of the bathroom or stop him from getting food out of the fridge...he is totally taking advantage of my disability.
Nick has stepped up and is taking care of so much more than usual, almost everything actually.  

It's a rough time right now, I know that it is only temporary, but sometimes it is so hard to see that when you are IN it.  We are making it, day by day, hour by hour, meal by step closer to this all be in the past.  It has been 5 weeks since the accident.  We've made it this far I know we can make it to the end.  

It's amazing the little things you (meaning me) take for granted.  Being able to make meals for my family while standing on two feet and not be in extreme pain.  Packing around my one-year-old ALL.DAY.LONG either on my hip or on my back.  Not to mention the obvious...driving, walking, showering.  Not being able to do some of these things just down right irritate me and then there are others like not being able to carry my baby around...that one brings tears to my eyes.  

I thank Jesus everyday that I will be able to walk again, I am not like this forever.  I thank Jesus that I did not have to have surgery.  I thank Jesus for my husband who is surviving on little sleep, working at work and coming home to cook, clean, do laundry, dishes, bathe children and so on.  I thank Jesus for the many people that have been praying for me (and our family).

And ladies -- thank you for the kind responses to my Facebook confession.  I will admit I had some guilt about the paper product use, but no more, not one single bit!  

*We are currently in Cahokia, IL (about 5 miles from St. Louis, MO).  We will be here for another 6 or so weeks, while Nick works on a job in Waterloo, IL.  If you are in the area or will be coming nearby, let us know.  Also, if you have any must-do's or awesome restaurant recommendations in the area send them our way.


  1. Steph,
    I know this a hard time for you & your family but will you look back on these times of struggle and see the growth you have made as a Young Women. I know this is not much comfort now. But from my own personal injury ( both ankles at one time = wheel chair 1st, then crutches,& living newly separated with Teeens ( not sure if little ones or teens are better or worse)You will be a SURVIOR... Your in my thoughts... Hang in there I know you are strong~

  2. i was just thinking about you as one of our potential next stops has a jumping pillow, eek! i know throbbing pain when you stand and it stinks! hope it heals quickly and you get through it soon!

  3. Stephanie,

    I was just reading your "confession." I didn't see it on FB. There is no reason to feel guilty about the use of paper products. All of us that know you know that you are using them because of the terrible situation that you are currently in. God is good. You have mentioned all the things you are thanking Jesus for and realizing that is much more important.
    Hang in there...God is faithful. Praying for all of you everyday.

  4. I can't imagine chasing children with the kind of pain you've been in recently! I pray that it all passes quickly.

    I wish that we were stopping near you on our trip but it looks like Chicago is as close as we'll get. Do you know where you are headed next? It would be so wonderful if our paths crossed.

  5. oh reminds me of bedrest but without the pain. its amazing how God gives us grace and strength when ours is gone. hang in there are a true inspiration to me:)
    are you ever headed to oklahoma?? i would love to pick your brain about rving with a big family, we are planning to hit the road with 6 kids next july:)


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