Tuesday, June 8, 2010

No-Sew Café Curtain

Have a little window that you want to add spice to?  Maybe your kitchen or bathroom window has nothing on it and you want to give it a little color.  Or maybe it has a nasty broken mini blind...that is what mine had.

Here is the window, after mini blind was taken down.

I wanted a thrifty, quick,  super cute way to cover the window.  I don't have a sewing machine, so sewing my own was out.  I thought about taking fabric and using Steam A Seam to "sew" them into curtains, which I probably would have done if the window was any bigger.  After searching and searching, I found some café curtains made from tea towels, I modified it a bit by using large 20x20 cloth napkins.

And here is the new and improved window.
Materials Used:
Two20x20 cloth napkins from World Market Tree of Life Collection
14 café curtain clips (7 curtain clips for each napkin)
One café curtain rod  (Rod and clips were purchased at Ross, but they can be found at Target or Bed Bath & Beyond)

You could use less curtain clips if you wanted, the curtain would swag a little more in between clips.  I chose to keep the clips close together because I didn't have much space and wanted to entire window to be covered, top to bottom. 

To assemble: Lay out napkins and place one curtain ring at each end of the napkin.  Then evenly space the remainder of the curtain rings.  Install brackets for curtain rod.  Slip rings with napkins now attached onto the rod.  Place rod on to brackets and your done.  How easy was that??!!

More before and after photos of our 2003 Keystone Sprinter Travel Trailer RV here.  


  1. actually, i stole your idea about a month ago when you mentioned the curtains were napkins... i had found dishtowels at IKEA that matched my kitchen perfectly - 2 sets of dishtowels, rings and clips, and a tension rod = $15 window treatment PLUS the bonus of the other 4 coordinating dishtowels i didn't use!

  2. Cleaver idea----I like the print. Grandma blc

  3. love love love your blog. so happy i stumbled upon it!

    and i love the print on your curtain too!


  4. Great idea! The windows in our RV are larger so I am going to see what I can find to use in place of the cloth napkin. Any ideas??

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