Thursday, June 24, 2010

And then life throws a curve ball.

On Thursday June 10th we spent the day driving from WaKeeney, KS to Lawrence, KS.  We had made the decision to spend the night in Lawrence at the KOA.  They had long pull thru sites, a pool, a Jumping Pillow, playground and we could have a real live CAMPFIRE.  You wouldn't believe how many campgrounds don't allow campfires.

We arrived in the afternoon, took a few minutes getting settled and headed out to explore the lush green (humid) campground.  We made our way to the office to get our wristbands to jump on the Jumping Pillow.  We were all very excited.  Well honestly I was excited to photograph the adventure, not jump.

Nick and the children were having a blast, bouncing, running, hopping and just sitting.  The backdrop was beautiful.  I was enjoying taking photos and walking barefoot in the sand that surrounded the Jumping Pillow.

Nick told me to go jump, I hesitated.  I headed up, took a few small jumps and I was laughing.  I did a few grand jetés and toe touches.  Nick summoned me off the pillow to check out the amazing photo he took.  I felt weightless and limber.  I think it may have been all the hooping I have been doing lately, I just feel very in touch with my body.

I decided I was going to do a series of leaps across the pillow and Nick wanted to video it.  I never made it all the way across, I actually never even made it to my first leap.  I did a pas de bourrée (kind of a skipping movement in preparation for a leap or jump), my right foot landed and popped.  I collapsed and screamed.  The next hour I endured the worst pain ever.  YES worse than childbirth.  Childbirth is terrible terrible pain, but there is a reason for that pain and a beautiful ending to that pain...that makes it different to me.

I ended up being taken to the hospital in an ambulance, while Nick and the children followed behind.  I could barely keep from passing out, the pain was unbearable and then my thoughts (freaking out) about trying to be a mom of 5 and travel through two more states with what ever was wrong with me was more than I could take.

And just because I am that person that slows down when I see a car accident, here is the proof that this actually happened...most likely more for my viewing pleasure than yours, but just in case you wanted to see.

The children and I went to Texas to be with my grandparents (bless their hearts) for almost a week.  We were all struggling with not being together as a family, so  even though we knew it would be MUCH harder doing it all on our own, we decided being together was better.  We flew my sister to Texas, she drove us to Illinois and stayed for a few days to help out.  Sadly we had to say goodbye to her yesterday.    

My ankle/foot is broken in two places and the ligament that is on my talus bone ripped away from the bone taking a piece of the bone with it.  I had an MRI and it showed that I fractured my talus all the way through.  I have to put absolutely no weight on my foot for 6-8 weeks and there is still a possibility that I may need surgery (if the bone moves out of place).   I am holding up ok, still in a lot of pain.  Not able to do much for me or the children is a very humbling place to be.  Nick is in the process of buying a vehicle that will hold all of us and tow our trailer, since it will be quite a while until I can drive.  

I have a lot blog catching up to do; more adventures from Phoenix, AZ and then our travels from Phoenix, AZ to Winslow, AZ to Albuquerque, NM to Colorado Springs, CO to WaKeeney, KS to Lawrence, KS to Fort Worth, TX to Cahokia, IL and our first few days exploring Cahokia and St. Louis.  Whew...we've been busy.

Photos from KOA Lawrence, KS here


  1. youchie!! i hope the pain will let up for you soon!

  2. Oh Stephanie! I have been on those jumping pillows, and know just the feeling of weightlessness and freedom! I am so sorry for the terrible "twist" at the end of your story, but somehow you told it in such a great way, I had to bring my husband over to the computer to read your post. When he saw the picture sequence, he literally fell on the floor writhing in pain, holding his ankle like it happened to him! I forgot one of us is so much more squeamish than the other :-)
    Anyway, chalk it up to another unforgettable Lende family experience, ambulance and all! God speed your healing, dear!

  3. Ouch!! I'm so sorry for your injury. I love reading your blog and pray that you recover quickly.

  4. Steph, I am so sorry to hear about your accident and the pain your are in. My Dad broke his foot a few years ago and could not put any weight on it at all either for 6 months. It was so horrible, so I feel your pain, not physically, but I can empathize with you. I pray that your children will be angels for you doing this time and that you will experience the love of God's people all around you like you never have before! Praying for a speedy recovery and no surgery!!

  5. So I just now visited your site for the first time (from a link on the web site) and the first thing I see is video and photos of your foot nearly snapping off. Wow. This has now replaced the infamous Joe Theismann ankle injury on my list of cringe-worthy visuals!

    I need to go read the curtain post just to clear my mind!

    (P.S. Hope you recover quickly!)

  6. Stephanie - that looks so awful!! I'm so sorry that happened and that you are in so much pain. :( hugs to you. I've been praying for you and your family.

  7. I was waiting to see what happened to your ankle! That turned my stomach! What are the odds of you guys catching that on tape? Did the doctors get to see it?

  8. We lived right up K10 in Lenexa for two years and I absolutely loved and adored Lawrence and wished the whole time we were in KS that we had moved there instead of Lenexa! It is a great place, glad it was a nice place for you all.

  9. WOW Stephanie I don't know how you are surviving! You are a strong woman. Watching that video and seeing the pictures makes me sick to my stomach. I can't even imagine the amount of pain you have been in. I'm so glad you have awesome family members and a wonderful husband. I wish I could help out!


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