Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fly Away Awning

Life in a travel trailer isn't always as peachy as it seems.  A few days ago Nick was working late.  The kids and I were inside.  I remember thinking it was odd when I heard the wind picking up.  We (and it seems most other RVers) are avid weather checkers.  A lot of our "stuff" is outside; outdoor carpet, bikes, bbq's/stoves, awnings extended, clothes on the line.  The weather had said the wind would be up to 5 mph.  Well, it was much stronger than 5 mph.  I heard a flapping noise, oh no the awning is extended.  I don't know how to bring in the awning, so I called Nick.  He told me he'd call me right back and give me instructions on how to bring the awning in.  The thing I know the awning flies up, something smashed on the roof and we were all screaming.

This is what it looked like when I went outside.

It could have been worse, much much worse.  My car was only feet from where the left pole landed.  The kids could have been outside.  I am one who can easily come up with the "worst case scenario", so I have many other "what if's" in my head.  Thankfully we are in an RV Park with awesome neighbors, who came to the rescue when we needed to remove the awning in the 25 mph winds.  And good thing we have RV insurance, so the awning will be replaced (eventually).

ETA: Upon installation of the new awning, I will be learning how to use it :)


  1. Life in an RV is always a learning experience, but it keeps things interesting. Love,Grandma blc

  2. Oooooh fun times. Sorry it broke!! xxoo

  3. ETA: Upon installation of the new awning, I will be learning how to use it :)

  4. Hi there!

    Popped over from RVThereYet. Also see that you are friends of Margie Lundy.

    I have been there done that with the awning. Ours blew over last summer and broke. Insurance replaced it. Then this past Spring as we were getting ready to hit the road to work/travel with the carnival, the wind caught the awning again and we busted another leg. It all happened so fast we never had the chance to pull the awning in. We will replace it this Fall.

  5. oh no! so glad you guys are all ok!

  6. Hi! Found you through someone's blog list. It never occurred to me to put an awning up when it's windy. I'll make sure we do.

    Very interesting life you are leading. I love the after on the RV...very homey!

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