Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Since being in Phoenix we have hit up the Arizona Museum for Youth (which is actually is in Mesa) twice.  AMY is one of the many children's museums we can go to for free with our reciprocal membership from the Discovery Museum in Eureka, CA.

AMY is larger than our small home town museum we are use to, but not huge like some.  They had some awesome quotes and signs around that were definitely food for thought.  I loved the size, the staff, the exhibits and most of all I loved watching my children play.

The first time we went the children ran from exhibit to exhibit, room to room.  Some doing a craft, some cooking in the play kitchen, planting veggies in the garden, discovering and patterns, learning about baseball and playing baseball Wii and dancing in the black light room.  Everyone was flurrying about, trying not to miss out on anything, exploring every inch of the museum.

 It was a HOT Phoenix day and we needed something to do indoors.  So we headed to Mesa and I braved the museum by myself.  Our second trip to AMY proved to be quite a bit more relaxed.  The children knew where they were and what was around them.  We spent long periods of time in a few areas.

The children put on a magic show.  Did you know Aidan can make Dillon and Téadora disappear and reappear.  After the magic show they put on a little play for me.  They drew quite an audience.  There was was one staff member that wanted to bring them all home with her, they were THAT cute!

Jericho put on his own little show.

There was a new music exhibit, it was LOUD and Coda was able to self regulate - OH HOW FAR HE HAS COME!!

Not sure if we will make it back to AMY again before we leave Phoenix, but will surely check out other children's museums .

Photos from Phoenix, AZ here.


  1. That's so awesome!!! Way to go Coda!!!

  2. Wish we could have shared the day with you, looks like everyone had a good time. Coda we are so proud of you, Aidan, how do you make people disappear, and Teadora, looks like you were cooking something tasty. Love, Grandma blc


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