Monday, April 5, 2010

Lovin' On Arizona

Or is Arizona lovin' on us?  Either way we are loving every minute.  Having just come from cold, foggy, rainy Northern California, the sun and warmth has be a delight.  We are absolutely loving the Deserts Edge RV Park in Phoenix.  The park has a playground, basketball court, pool, hot tub, hot showers, laundry, citrus trees and lots of room to run, bike and play.  Nick is back to work and we are all getting back into the rhythm of daily life.  We spend most mornings playing outside, learning about our surroundings and going on numerous walks and bike rides.  The children like to walk to the mailbox at least three times a day to see if anything has come.  Then in the afternoon we either swim or go out and explore.

In the short time we have been here we have already gotten to explore quite a bit in the Phoenix Metro area.
We spent an afternoon walking and riding a speedy wild trolley around Downtown Scottsdale.

One afternoon we were able to go to a Oakland A's Spring Training game.  We got lawn seats, which are equivalent to where bleacher seats are, except Spring Training stadiums aren't as big.  The lawn was a perfect spot for us.  We were able to being a huge blanket and spread out.  The lawn was sloped, but not a lot, so Jericho was still able to crawl around and play with his toys.  The kids could get up, run around, go down to the fence, it was awesome.  Coda ran around all day and we barely caught one picture of him.  We got there early and watched the batting practice, the boys had their mitts and were trying to catch the home run balls, Aidan almost caught a few, but missed, so a nice man gave him one that he had caught, it was the highlight of the day.  I thought we might make 1/2 way through the game, but we made it all the way until the end.  Too bad it was the last week of Spring Training or we would have definitely gone back.

We also ventured into downtown Phoenix and ate dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe.  Nick loves music; listening to it, playing it, pretty much anything to do with it and he loves going to Hard Rock Cafe.  We enjoyed some good food (a little pricey) and a wonderful (loud) family outing.  After dinner we walked around a bit and saw Chase Field where the Arizona Diamondbacks play.  The children are always enthralled with mass transit, they wanted to ride the metro, we didn't have time that night, so I am sure we will be riding the metro at some point. 

 Photos from Phoenix, AZ here.


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you're loving it there. We truly enjoyed every minute at Desert's Edge. Such a great place. Isn't the pool wonderful? And the laundry room...ooooh. I could live in there. So big and nice. Can't wait to hear more of your adventures! xxoo

  2. Your. Kids. Are. Beautiful. And so are YOU!

  3. i'm so glad you all are lovin Phoenix. it's not only a great place to vacation, it's a great place to live. i've been here 6 years and love it every single day...even when it's 110 outside least it's not humid!
    looks like you guys have lots of fun. i don't have kids so no good reason to find lots of fun activities like you do with your little pack.
    how long are you guys here for? i have a little blog too. Sara has been a huge inspiration to me and my husband, you might notice her influence on the things i blog about. :) can you say green smoothies and RV'ing?!


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