Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bring On The Train

On April 3, Coda had his sixth birthday.  It began with homemade Belgian waffles, birthday wishes over the phone & crazy face competition at the breakfast table.

Then we all headed out to the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park in Scottsdale, AZ.  First we waited for the train.

Then we rode the train.   

After the train, we rode the carousel and played on the playground.  By that time we were all ready for lunch so we found a spot on the lush green grass itchy scratchy dry grass and ate.  Nick and Dillon went out to the car and returned with presents and a giant birthday cookie!  So Coda opened presents.

And then he blew out his candles on his GIANT birthday cookie.

Next thing I knew Nick was up in a tree, trying to fetch a frisbee that wasn't even ours. 

He succeeded.  The owners of the frisbee had gone home, so we are now one frisbee richer :)

We spent a little time going through the train museum and the real train car that was used by four presidents.  Aidan was able to sit in the exact spot where a president once sat, forgive me, I cannot remember which one it was.  

The Railroad Park was definitely a good time.  Easy on the wallet, plenty of places to play and things to do for all ages.  And a perfect spot to enjoy the birthday of our special Coda!

Coda James,
Are you really six?  Sometimes it feels like you have been a part of me forever and at other times I would swear it was just yesterday that you were born.  Your life hasn't been easy, its been a rough road for all of us.  But this past year, Coda, you have turned a corner, you are chugging up the mountain.  It brings tears to my eyes to think of how far you've come.  Things are different now, you don't need pictures schedules or as much structure, you aren't as dependent on your "breaks" and you enjoy going new places.  But as much as things change, things stay the love tools, climbing and being outdoors, you don't like loud noises and would prefer shirts never came with tags, you live for running, biking and digging.   And most of all the way you love WILL.NEVER.CHANGE.  You are empathetic beyond my imagination.  You can feel someones pain from a mile away and you stop what you are doing, come along side them, put your hand on their leg or back or give a hug.  You truly love those in your world and I am so blessed to be in your inner circle.  Here's to another year of growing, learning and loving...I love you Coda James, my life is forever changed with you in it.  Love, Mama

Photos from Phoenix, AZ here.

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  1. Stephanie, your letter to Coda brought tears to my eyes. Coda is such a wonderful, loving child, I feel I had a special bond with him right away, he got to my heart. Grandma blc


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