Thursday, March 4, 2010

The 12 Project ~ Month 2

February 2010
We have been in Eureka for a couple of weeks, renovating the trailer and spending time with beautiful family and friends.  For the first two weeks we backed our trailer into E & Sergio's (Stephanie's sister and husband) back yard.  The children spent countless hours climbing in the tree, riding bikes, running away from Franklin the puppy and just enjoying the magical time with E and Uncle Serg.  In February, in Eureka the weather is not much to be desired, pretty much a mix of rain and fog and then more rain and fog, every so often a little blue sky and sunshine peak through.  But in between all the dreariness there are beautiful cherry blossom trees blossoming all over town.  The children love when it is windy, all the blossoms fly around and make it look like its snowing.

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