Friday, March 12, 2010

Ended up perfect.

We got up bright and early, said goodbye to the truck stop and headed onto Monterey, CA.  When people think Monterey they think aquarium.  However, as wonderful as the Monterey Bay Aquarium is, we had gone to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA a couple of months ago, so we made the decision not to go to the aquarium in Monterey.  We did plan on going to the Dennis the Mennace Park and go tidepooling in Pacific Grove.  Well we went to the park and it was closed, guess it is closed to the public each Tuesday so that the City Schools of Monterey can go play.  We were bummed, but pressed on.  We decided to walk Cannery Row and find somewhere to eat lunch.  We found a great restaurant Louie Linguini's, that looked out over the Monterey Bay and has wonderful pizza and seafood.

We then headed out to Pacific Grove to go tide pooling.  When we arrived the tide should have been out, but there was a storm coming in, so the tide was high and the ocean looked angry, beautiful but angry.  Second thing in one day that wasn't working out as planned.  We continued driving and found Point Pinos.  We spent the next two hours loving on God's creations.  Birds, angry waves, thousands and thousands of shells and hermit crabs.  We scoured the beach for shells, digging deeper and deeper to find beautiful remnants of once whole shells, in beautiful greens and purples and oranges.  Aidan and Coda were interested in why the ocean was so wild that day and where all the tide pools were.  We were all in our own element, coming together to show our treasures.  There is something so peaceful about the sound of waves crashing and the feeling of sand running through your fingers and in between your toes.  I truly love the ocean, love love love the ocean.  Its amazing to me that the day I had "planned" did not work out at all, and yet, our day in Monterey and Pacific Grove was so magical and memorable.  Its a learning process, to be less affected when plans don't go my way, I am working on it, daily.

After leaving Pacific Grove we headed to San Jose where we planned to stay the night.  The next morning we had an appointment at Family RV where we bought our trailer from.  We were needing a little adjusting on our hitch and since we bought our trailer there we can dump sewer/grey water and fill up fresh water for FREE!  We ended up staying in a commuter train station parking lot that allows parking for up to 72 hours, I love free overnight parking.  My bestest friend from highschool Grace, lives in San Jose and came to the train station parking lot to visit us.  It was great to reconnect.  Another reason why I love traveling, meeting up with people that might not otherwise see.

Photos from Monterey, Pacific Grove & San Jose here.

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