Thursday, March 25, 2010

Catching You Up!

We left from San Jose to Santa Rosa and spent a week being neighbors with our best friends the Campbells.  This has been a long long dream come true.  Kristy and I have planned and prayed for the day we could pull our RV onto her driveway.  Greg (Kristy's husband) is a plumber and hooked us up (literally)...we have full water/sewer/electric at RV Park ala Campbell :)  The weather was not on our side, but we had a great time sharing meals, movies, stories and old school Nintendo. 

After that we spent 2 weeks being neighbors with my sister and her husband (E and Sergio).   We were able to pull our RV in their backyard.  The kids had a blast playing with Franklin (E & Sergio's black lab), climbing their cherry blossom tree and riding bikes in their backyard.  I loved having my sister so close and being able to do laundry whenever I wanted. This is where the trailer renovations began.

Dillon turned 3 years old on Valentines Day.  We had a wonderful day with family.  Church, Applebee's for lunch, Bounce O Poluza, a trip to the Toy Barn for Dillon to pick out his birthday present from Grandma Sue & Papa and then Bon Boniere for ice cream.  Dillon is such a precious little man, articulate beyond his years and able to keep up with big brothers physically, he's a handful and we love him.

During those two weeks E, Jericho & I went on a quick road trip to Portland, OR.  Our primary purpose was for me to visit Stephanie, The Dread Goddess, to have some tightening and maintenance done to my dreads.  A few highlights: I got an AWESOME deal on a hotel on Priceline, we get there and it is so so so NICE and I walk in with my clothes in a resuable bag from Costco, LOL!  We stayed our second night in a yurt.  We loved McMinville, OR, cute, quaint, warm and super friendly.

Our time was up in E & Sergio's backyard and parked our trailer at the Redwood Acres RV Park.  It was not the greatest RV park, more like a parking lot with hookups,  but for the price and being close to family and friends it was good enough.  There were a few sunny days and we took full advantage of them.  Time was spent at the walking & riding the Headwaters Trail, hiking through Sequoia Park and hitting the skate park. 

We Took a day trip to Crescent City, Smith River & Brookings, OR to visit friends that we miss so much.  The main reason for going on that particular Saturday was a birthday party for Lauren Pieper, she is exactly 2 weeks younger than Dillon, I still can't believe they are 3 years old.  We were able to see many friends even if it was only for a short time.

One beautiful Sunday we drove to Westhaven to spend the day with one of the most beautiful families we know.  The Ennis Family has a special place in our hearts.  Their 7 children play with our 5 so well.  From the moment we got there we hardly heard from any of them.  We spent the day cooking, playing with baby goats and chicks, talking about baby #8, listening to Nick & Robert play music and sharing a meal together.  It was a blessed day.

The next Thursday Nick was able to play with Robert's band, Robe N' The Blue Nights.  Nick and Robert have been an awesome two man garage band for years, so it was so wonderful to see them play for an audience together. 

Spending time in Eureka left us with mixed emotions.  Visiting friends, family and our home Church was wonderful, the weather, not so much.  It was great to have some down time, so we could renovate the trailer.  I personally had great times with my mama friends; MOPs, cooking, walking, talking and much much laughing.

We ended our stay in Eureka with an Open "Trailer"/Good Bye Party.  Our trailer renovations were finally finished.  We had many people who wondered what on Earth we could do to a we opened our doors so all could see.  After Church on Sunday, March 14, we brought our trailer to the Church parking lot.  It was a wonderful afternoon, children rode bikes and played in the parking lot, while our friends and family toured our renovated trailer.  Then we spent the evening loving on family just a little more before we left the next morning; destination Phoenix, AZ.

(I know all of you blog readers are itching to see also...don't fret I am working on the post right now.)

Photos from our week in Santa Rosa, Dillon's Birthday & Part 1 of Eureka here.
Photos from Portland, OR here.
Photos from Part 2 of Eureka here.

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  1. The trailer looks GREAT!!!!!!!!!! I love it all! Where did you get the quilts for the kids? Now, if I can only put the binding on Jerichos' he'd have one too!


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