Saturday, February 20, 2010

Birthday Fun

Téadora was the first to celebrate a birthday in the trailer.  And if you ask her it wasn't much different than when we lived in a stick house.  The day began with her favorite breakfast.  Over breakfast I told her the story of her birth.  I told her of her twin that was waiting for us in heaven.  She smiled and said, "so I do have a sister".  Just before lunch Grandpa Jeff and Aunt Alana arrived.  This was a super-duper birthday celebration because not only were we celebrating Téadora's birthday, it was Grandpa Jeff's birthday also and Alana's had just been a few days before.  We had grand plans of having lunch and dessert in the warm southern California sun, but it decided to rain.  We still had a wonderful time, just had to imporvise a bit, lunch under the awning, a movie inside and then dessert with lap tables.  The day ended bittersweet, not sure as to when we would get to see them again.

Photos from Téadora's Birthday and our time at Steckel Park here

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